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openSUSE : Leap

OpenSUSE Leap is for most people. It has a release cycle of 8 months which is followed orthodoxly. Currently, we have openSUSE 42.1. It contains all the stable packages and provides the smoothest experience of the two.

It is highly suitable for Home, Office and for Business computers. It is for people who need a good OS but won’t/can’t keep pampering the OS and need it to move aside and let them work.  Once setup, you need not worry about anything and focus on your productivity. I also highly recommend Leap for use in libraries and schools.

openSUSE: Tumbleweed

The Tumbleweed version of openSUSE is a rolling release. It very regularly gets updates and always contains the newest set of software running on it. It is recommended for developers, advanced users who want the newest of everything on their system and anybody who wants to contribute to openSUSE.

Let me clarify one thing, though. Tumbleweed is in no way a beta/testing release to the Leap. It is the most bleeding edge stable Linux distro available.

Tumbleweed gives you the fastest updates, but only after the developers assure for the packages’ stability.

Your say?

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